A Picture of Disciple-Making

Scripture is clear that Jesus commanded us as His followers to go into the world to make disciples. Now we must ask ourselves, what does this look like? The truth is, the world we are sent into is one filled with poverty. Poverty is rampant in most nations in the world especially those areas where the gospel has never been preached. Poverty is also very much a part of our own community. We need to consider the truth that when we take the gospel, we must take it in word and deed. What kind of a gospel will we present if it is one that doesn’t care for their physical needs? We will present an unbiblical gospel if we fail to care for the needs of these individuals while proclaiming the Good News of Christ. How much longer will we be blinded to the realities that are right in front of our face? When we as followers of Christ take the gospel to the lost verbally, we must consider how to take it visibly. While we share the Word, we must also show the Word. The gospel that we proclaim will come to life in the meeting of the needs of food, water, clothing, and love. We must wake up to the reality of the great suffering that goes on in our world on a daily basis. Many in our world are born into poverty without the gospel and they live a life in poverty going without food and water only to die in poverty apart from Jesus Christ and to be forever separated from Him without ever hearing His name. So, as followers of Christ, we must go and make disciples under His authority and show them our faith through our deeds. We cannot overlook dire physical needs while meeting dire spiritual needs in making disciples of Jesus Christ. Here is the tough part: If our lives do not reflect radical compassion for the poor, there is reason to question just how effective we will be in declaring the glory of Christ to the ends of the earth. More pointedly, if our lives do not reflect radical compassion for the poor, reason exists to wonder if Christ is really in us at all. The works we do are not our means to salvation, but they are our evidence. (Matthew 25:31-46)


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