A Follower of Christ Part 2: Where do we go from here?

Ok, so now you are a Christian. What’s next? Once we get past the point of coming to grips with the reality that we are desperately in need of a Savior and are nothing without Him, there is still a life to live. Once we put our faith in trust in Christ for salvation, life doesn’t end. Sure, it would be nice and easy if God took everyone who came to faith in Christ immediately after their conversion. Let me rephrase: that would be nice and easy for us. We would love this for ourselves. I mean, who wouldn’t want to immediately and eternally be in the presence of God the moment they come to faith in Him? However, there is the reality that for the majority of us, life on earth doesn’t end after conversion. In my opinion, life finally begins; true life that is. We have completely died to ourselves and are fully committed to this Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and rose on the third day to take His rightful place beside the Father. Being committed to Him is no longer a question. That all ended once the Holy Spirit entered our bodies. So what do we do now that we have allowed God to cover our sins by the blood of His Son? What is our purpose? Now, the clock of life is counting down on us each moment of each day, like it always has. The difference for us now though, is that we have something to hope for. Our life is now given true meaning and purpose. We know at the end of our life, we will stand before God and be declared innocent by the sacrifice of Jesus. Praise God for this every day. Now we are on a mission. How can we impact the world for the glory of God with the time we have left on earth? We know that God’s heart and passion is for the salvation of the lost. We have seen this first hand in our own conversion as He sought us out despite our sin. His love overcame our rebellion to His law. We have a simple commission, command, and purpose given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. We are to make disciples in all nations; period. He has chosen us as His followers to complete the work He has left us with. There are so many yet to come to faith in Christ and they are all heading to eternal death. We not only have a commission and a command to make disciples, we have the authority and perfect companion to do it with. Our lives are so much more than going to church and forming study groups with our friends. As Christ-followers, our lives should be and are commanded to be lived in such a way that His gospel is spread to all those we come into contact with. How much does this gospel mean to you? Is it worth your time? Is it worth your best efforts? Is it worth sacrificing friends? Is it worth sacrificing homework or grades? Is it worth giving your own life up for? Develop a passion to see a lost and dying world come to know Christ as Savior and not only have the hope of eternal life but to experience the great blessings and immeasurable love of God in daily life. As a follower, have a desire to become more like Christ. The more you share His gospel message and the more you teach others to obey His commands, you will be transforming into the very image of your Lord and Savior (we call this sanctification). We have the power of the One who saves souls to make disciples. This is our mandate. Will we obey Him? Or, will we continually go about our daily lives totally ignoring our God and the lost around us? Where is your true desire based on your lifestyle? Be honest. I am not talking about the answer everyone wants to hear. I am talking about the answer that you and God both know to be true. Do you desire God above everything else? Have you forsaken everything in order to follow Christ completely? Is He worth it to you to give Him your full commitment and devotion? How much have you been ignoring God? He despises idolatry. Place other things in front of Him and His presence will be far from you. God would rather you be 100% against Him than 50% committed to Him. If you are not fully committed, then you are not committed at all. Now, if you feel like you have totally, fully devoted yourself to God the Father by trusting in Christ for eternal salvation from sin, then there is no option for you and I as to whether or not we go and make disciples daily. It is a command. Our Lord demands it. Compare your life to these last commands of Christ. How does it match up? How will you live your life today and the rest of the days you have on earth to make His glory and salvation known in all nations while daily discipling those around you. We don’t have time to waste. This is not a laughing matter. Jesus saves lives, period. If you believe it, then prove it.


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