Advice for Leaders from Dave Ramsey @ Catalyst 2011

        Core Values of How To Operate as a Leader

People Matter

  • Be intentionally relational
  • Do not view people as mere “units” or “figures.”

An Incredible Culture Matters

  • You have to “bring it” everyday as a Christian in the secular work force
  • Whatever method you are currently using in hiring staff, double or quadruple it.
  • Have a spousal interview to finish the interview process.
  • The wife or husband of a potential employee can tell you a lot about the character and nature of the potential employee. Meet with them multiple times.
  • Before you do anything, pray sincerely about who God would have in that position.
  • Don’t intentionally bring problems into the building by not knowing everything there is to know about a potential employee.
  • It is easier to fire someone than it is to live with someone who isn’t supposed to be there.

Slow & Steady Matters

  • Do not go farther than your resources allow.
  • Have faith that God will provide in His divine timing.
  • If you are seeking His will, then you will not act in front of God.
  • Be patient and allow Him to work in His own timing.
  • If you have faith that God will provide, then you will not go beyond what He has provided for you at that moment.
  • Do not advance past your supply lines.
  • Do not jump into something ahead of your resources.

Financial Principles Matter

  • Do not operate without a plan.
  • Allow God to direct your steps.
  • Run your ministry with the attitude of its “God’s way with the money.”
  • Be generous.
  • Being generous has to do with how you treat people as well as being generous with money.

A Higher Calling Matters

  • You have to “bring it” everyday and prepare yourself daily because there are still people that you come into contact with who do not know Christ.
  • Do your job with excellence.
  • Care more deeply about the “why” of what you’re doing.
  • If you plant stupid, you will reap desperate.
  • There are two numbers on your tombstone, when you were born and when you die. What are you going to do with the dash?
  • The blood of Christ is all you need to get to heaven to be in perfect relationship with God.

So, what are you going to do with the time that He allots you to have here on earth?


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